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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I am Chiquita Banana

Wed recap time, peeps!

So the hamsters are in Sao Paolo, Brazil. Very nice. I wouldn't mind going there. Maybe not right now w/ the Porky Flu flying around everywhere. And SexyBeast said to me "they're not really in Brazil, are they?" Uh, SexyBeast, this is Top Model. Not Top Liar Pants.

Anyways, for the challenge, the chicks had to learn the art of capoiera, a mixed martial arts dance type thing. So they practice in pairs and big chin Celia "accidently" kicks Aminat in the face. Wow! Misplaced anger fused w/ passive aggressive much? But the situation quickly goes nowhere. Thankfully. From there, the chicks have an imprompteau capoiera photo shoot. The winner gets 50 % more frames in their photo shoot and as an added surprise to the challenge, the winner gets to take away frames from another hamster. And the power goes to cute lil' freckly Fo and she steals from Teyona because she couldn't get over the fact that Teyona did not choose her to share in her prize last week. That's a really lame reason.

And can I just say that I really loved the theme of this week's photo shoot? The chicks were modern Carmen Mirandas, complete w/ the fruit and flower baskets on their heads. And make up artist Sutan totally fucking rules and I want him to be my gay boyfriend. Winning photo goes to my homie Allison. HURRAY! And going back to the U.S. via Par Avion is Danielle and her spoiled sucky attitude.

Next week: go see's!


Dijea said...

You make me want to watch Top model - but I swore of reality TV - except Sober House - damn can you say train wreck. I hope Sober House comes back on again. Shhh, don't tell anyone I have a secret crush on Dr. Drew.

phairhead said...

yeah Sober House = drama-rama! I caught 5 mins of it here and there but it's way to psychotic for me to watch

Lydia said...

Teyona looks like Bevis. She has a creepy nose that goes past her mouth and it looks yucky. I don't like her b/c of it. But..go allison. I like her weird eyes.

phairhead said...

Teyona totally looks like Bevis caught in a wind tunnel! blah