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Thursday, April 9, 2009

I Have a Bike....

This week has been marred by unpleasantness for me. The only saving grace is I have Thursday and Friday off of work because of the Easter holiday. The perks of working for a Catholic organization.

Monday was a confusing mess that ended w/ me losing my transmission in Hudson, NY while I was trying to find a client's home. Nowhere near where I live. Added to that I just replaced the tranny about 4 years ago. Words of advice my friends, don't ever buy a Kia.

Calmly, I called Geico road side assistance to get a tow back to Schenectady. "Oh but you haven't signed up for it previously. So yr going to have to pay for the tow out of yr own pocket." Then I call my parents to call the garage to let them know I'm a-coming. Oh wait, my mechanic doesn't do trannies. OK alternate garage near our house. Nope they don't work on Kias. Racist! Finally, find a place to take the damn car to, right in the ghetto. Nice.

I call the office, explain the situation. Micro-manager offers me a ride to work the next day. No. No. No. I'll just rent a car. Call the client to break our date. Then I call SexyBeast and that's when the tears start. I don't have money for a rental. I don't have money to fix my car. I don't have money to get a "new" car. He really is the best, he let me cry like a baby for 5 minutes.

2 grand later, I'm getting my crappy Kia fixed. Part of me wishes I could just start over. But I'm stuck between a rock and hard place.

Been bumming rides off of people. I hate it. I'm totally dependent on the people in my life. It fucking sucks. I had plans, things I needed to do. Everything fell to shit.

Next year, new job, new car, new house.


Lydia said...

Hey, I understand trannie issues. My cursed beetle had them thanks to a killer manhole. cars are great when they work and suck every other time. i remember mr bill's car died in the middle of the road one day and we were both hoping someone would hit the damn thing. too bad your kia wasnt stolen out of the ghetto garage. cheer up, miss sue. if money is your only problem you have no problems at all.

phairhead said...

yeah. i'm not that angry anymore. at least i still have a vehicle

Leslie said...

Ugh, that totally sucks. Car issues always happen at the worst possible time.

I have to agree with you on Kias. I've never had one, but my mother in law has a Kia van and it's a POS. Roy and I both have Toyotas, and we love them. Just for future reference.

phairhead said...

Les, next year totally going w/ a Camry or an Accord. My dream car is the Honda Element

metalchick666 said...

Sorry to hear about your troubles, just catching up now. That really stinks, things like that always happen at the worst times. Hope you are your car are feeling better.