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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Off the Boat

Greetings, hamster lovers!

This episode marked the return of Benny Ninja, from the House of Ninja, bitches! Please watch Paris is Burning to understand what I'm babbling about. SexyBeast asked if Ninja was Benny's real surname & why would anyone want to name themselves Ninja? The real question is why aren't more people named Ninja? The hamsters had a pose off in front of an audience of drag queens. Uh...... that's my dream come true. Unfortunately, I was watching live TV and couldn't fast forward through the hot mess on the screen. The "winner" was Celia and her big chin.

Surprise! It's cycle 3 contestant Toccara whose come over for a slumber party and impart words of wisdom to the model wannabes. Toccara hit the nail on the head and said they were a bunch of boring bitches. I miss cycle 3 : (

For the photo shoot, the hamsters posed as immigrants on Ellis Island. They even had an old timey camera! Winning photo was Tahlia patron saint of burn victims. She's a lame baby that wants to go home. And speaking of home, my pretty plus size red head Kortnie was sent a-packin'. And Celia got all snitchy and told Tyrant and the judges they made a mistake and Tahlia is whiny baby and should go home. Tyrant dropped Celia's ass! It was awesome.

This house is a ticking time bomb.

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