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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dharma Love

Ahhhh this week of Top Chef Masters had it all, vending machines, Lost and vending machines. Sorry, again there is a big discrepancy in my likes/dislikes, whilst I loves the fresh veggies and such, I ADORE junk food. Ah, well.

This week's cheftestants were Graham Elliot Bowles, a shoot from the hip tattooed guy, soft spoken Suzanne Tract, no stranger to Top Chef and molecular gastronomist Wylie Dufresne & hard ass lesbian pastry chef Elizabeth Faulkner. Interesting group o' chefs, game on!

For the Quickfire Challenge, I had a feeling of deja vu as they brought back the vending machine amuse bouche challenge from Top Chef season 2. I thought this a was super duper awesome to begin w/, so I was excited to revisit this scrum-diddly challenge. And guest judging and scoring the cheftestants were 3 former Top Chefers from season 2, lame ass winner Ilian, annoying Betty and stoner Artie Lange look-alike Mikey. And winning the most points for Quickfire was Suzanne w/ her fried shallot microgreen salad w/ Dr. Pepper aioli. I'm guessing she picked apart a vending machine salad. I don't know. The soda is the only thing she could have bought out of a machine. And coming in with the lowest points was Wylie cause he over reduced his Dr. Pepper sauce over his grilled onion and cheese sandwich. Not sure 'bout that one.

For the Elimination Challenge, the cheftestants had to cook for the writers and creators of Lost. AHHHHHH!!!!!! Love love love that show. However, the cheftestants could only use fresh foods that could be found on the island, mostly fish, boar and tropical fruits. AND everything else used on the plate could only come from a can or a jar. MUHAHAHAHAHAHA! Awesome, I love it. And making a clean sweep again was Suzanne, who made a ginormous plate of food of risotto uni, clams, prawns, boar w/ oyster beer sauce, and mango corn salad. Suzanne will be going to the final master round w/ Hubert Keller. And 1st eliminated was Elizabeth 'cause her mango pudding was really baby food.

Round 3 next week....


Lily said...

Thanks for the recap (mmmm food)

Also, I tagged you in my blog. GO CHECK IT OUT!!!

phairhead said...

Lily, I'm honoured : )