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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Scrappy Doo

Hey, everyone. The gorgeous and awesome Lily at has tagged me to take part in the Honest Scrap award list 10 things about you that people don't know. I was tagged by Amorous Rocker not too long ago at but I love a challenge and Lily is the best, check her shit out.

1. I used to smoke alot of pot. I mean ALOT and my family still doesn't know.

2. If you wanna win me over, tell me I smell nice. I don't what it is, but that's just the nicest compliment ever.

3. I hate all seafood, except scallops. And you could tell me how wonderful lobster tastes, I don't give a fuck, I ain't eating it.

4. I once drove all night to Montreal from Schenectady, NY to have a drink at a bar.

5. I'm never going to have children and I'm really OK w/ that decision.

6. I had my left nipple pierced for 5 years.

7. And whilst we are on the conversation of tits, I had a breast reduction when I was 28.

8. I used to harbour a secret wish to become Axl Rose's groupie when I was in high school.

9. I always think people will hate me when they meet me.

10. I think I may have OCD, I have unusual repetative habits.


Dijea said...

I'm allergic to shellfish - and you smell nice

phairhead said...

awwww yr too sweet : )