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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

That Summer Wind

Well, amigos I am off for a 5 day vacation in Swan Lake, NY. Whereby I'll be drinking White Russians starting at 11 am until last man standing, interspersed w/ poker and watching movies and drinking games.

Back on Monday!! Happy Independence Day!!!


Daniel B. said...

No bowling?

Upon your return, I'll expect the definitive White Russian recipe.

Believe it or not, the Starbucks coffee liqueur is darned good stuff, despite the ridiculous brand extension.

On the cheaper end, there is also Kamora for when quantity is paramount.

Sorry, I just can't stop myself.

Lilseed said...

Have lots of fun!

Mr. Dave said...

I have been know to throw back a couple Caucasians my self. Mostly at about 7:00 AM, hair of the dog!

Mr. Dave said...

did I just put a space in myself? I disgust myself.

phairhead said...

Kamora? never had that

thanks, lilseed

Mr. Dave, are you really Lebowski?

Dijea said...


Albany Jane said...

Woo woo! Enjoy the vaycay!
I had a huge white russian phaze a few years ago. Anywhere I'd go, and my drink would be one of those delicious babies... hmm, I wonder why I stopped drinking them as often.

Oh, right - old fashioned and lemon drops also made way in my liver. Man, I think I'd like all three now...