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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Happy Hands at Home

I've been feeling uninspired about the blog-o-verse lately. I believe it has something to do w/ procrastinating w/ my short story I've been working on. And trying to publish my completed story (which is still untitled!).

But I am making a much more concerted effort in becoming more disciplined w/ my writing efforts.

In order to keep my creative what-its going, I have decided to be a little more crafty. I've always been envious of peeps who can paint or sew or make purty stuff. When I was 5, I tried drawing a witch w/ my 64 box o' Crayola (jealous, bitches?) and it was NOT coming out right at all. My stubby little fingers were not doing what my brain had envisioned! My mother said to me, "Well, some people weren't meant to draw." Ow.

I spied a book entitled "Generation T" by that sexy crafty mama and editor of Bust magazine, Debbie Stoller. You can re-purpose yr old T-shirts and make them into awesome stuff for little to no money. Except for the outrageous cost of the book of course.

Pictures to follow....


Lilseed said...

looking forward to the pictures :)

Lilseed said...

Coincidentally, I picked up a couple t shirts at Target because the current issue of Ready Made magazine has a good reconstruction project in it. Haven't tried it yet.

Dijea said...

I am the poster child for feeling uninspired. Everything is random and in-the-moment instead of well thought out.

Eh, All things will right themselves.

phairhead said...

Oh Target, my home away from home!

Dijea, keep the faith

Mr. Apron said...


My wife f'ing loves that book.

Enjoy yourself. Rock out with your t-shirt out.

phairhead said...

Mr. Apron, no freakin' way!!! How awesome is that?

Lilseed said...

Hey, how are the recon projects coming? I finished mine, but not sure I like it 100% - might have to add some appliques or something. Started with 2 XL men's T-shirts, will probably use L next time. Pic up on my art page. I think I will check out the book you mentioned at our library.