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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Free Wheelin' Phairhead/ Sue B.

As I have stated previously (and please note I don't know how to do a fancy clickable link to an older post of mine, so just pretend like you know what I mean), this is to be The Summer of Sue. I am going out of my way to put myself into uncomfortable situations or doing things I've been afraid of doing.

Last week my office had a staff retreat. It was bitter sweet as 2 of my co-workers are leaving and the 2 AWESOME nuns that run the Transportation for the Sick program are becoming part of the main branch of Catholic Charities. In addition, we all worked on our panel for the AIDS Quilt and spent a lot of time remembering clients we lost.

Good news though, eating vast amounts of food kills grief! Hmmmmmm......... grilled wieners.

The second half of the day was considerably more light hearted. I played a game of Frisbee, even though I suck and am horribly uncoordinated. I said to myself, "Self, nobody gives a fuck that you can't throw a Frisbee. Have fun!" Then we broke into our groups for a mini agency challenge. My team came in 2nd. And I was quite proud of myself as I volunteered to get into the freezing cold drink and kayak. When I was a kid, I went to Girl Scout camp and was pathetic at the row boat and never bothered to learn how to canoe. Seriously, what the fuck is the point? For the test, you HAD to tip the canoe over intentionally and then paddle back to shore w/ a flooded canoe. I pronounce thee, LAME. Anyways, I choose a kayak and a life jacket that fit over my boobs and got to paddling. To my dismay, we were in open kayaks. Basically, I was in a piece of teetering plastic, praying to God that I didn't fall out of the stupid thing. Then I remembered Miss J from Top Model, "grace and posture, grace and posture." I came in an admirable 2nd.

I am now addicted to kayaking. I love love love it. And thankfully enough, my parents have 2 kayaks and I will be forcing Sexybeast out on the lake every weekend this summer.


Lydia said...

I love kayaking, especially in Vermont. I miss it sometimes...

phairhead said...

then i kayak in honour of you : )

Albany Jane said...

congrats on the win! boating can be such fun!

phairhead said...

it's strenuous but you don't realize it until yr done. we're all winners : )

Mr. Apron said...


I just pictured my parents kayaking and I laughed so hard I shat myself.


phairhead said...

mr. apron, that's what i'm here for! best comment ever.