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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

OUCH!!! My Eyes!

'k I have a confession to make. As much as I like to think myself pretty fucking cultured and all together awesome, I really like stupid VH1 reality shows. I have been sucked into watching "Daisy of Love". For those of you not in the know and have better sense than I, Daisy (not her real name) missed out on winning has been balding rocker Bret Michael's heart. I say, bitch dodged a bullet if you ask me.

VH1 felt it necessary that Daisy get her own show, 'cause she's just a lonely gal looking for love. Ummmmmm....... no not so much. She's a drunken whore that makes poor relationship choices.
And it doesn't help that the contestants are a bunch of skanky fame whore losers. There was a hot teacher on the show for about a minute. But she decided, they didn't have enough in common. Yes because he uses words that have more than one syllable. And further proof in her sub-normal intelligence is she gave all the jackass boys nicknames. Guess she's too busy w/ her music and posing to learn their real names.

But you know what really grinds my gears, she's not even that attractive! And I'm not saying that because I think she's trash. She is seriously hideous. Bleached out hair extensions, orangey fake tan, 50 ass tons of make up on at all times (even when she's going to "sleep"!) and pumped full of enough collagen and silicon to stun an ox.

And sadly, I will continue to watch this dreck until a winner is determined. God help us all.


Heather said...

I second this post.

Professor was the hottest thing to grace my television set for about two episodes.
If she doesn't pick Flex, I may have to cry. I AM SO GLAD FOX IS GONE.. I really, really hope he's not in the next episode. (The hanger; "Daisy, someone is here to see you..." G says it's totally Fox.)

But yeah, she's hideous. And she's probably making more money than you and I will see in a lifetime. Sad, huh? Must be we need to dye our hair a shitty blonde color, get lip and cheek botox injections, fake tits, and oh yeah; really, really really bad taste in men.


Dijea said...

VH1 Reality shows are the only ones worth watching. The trash is better than a Springer Show!

Daisy also has the fact that she is Oscar De La Hoya's niece or cousin or something. YUCK! I personally love Sober House! That's the best.

But the ________ of Love series has got to be the worst.

Lydia said...

OMG! I am watching a rerun (that i've already seen) of Daisy of Love as I type. It's such garbage. And yet, I watch it...along with my hubby. Daisy should just end up with Riki Rachtman.

I have freaking season tickets to the seattle opera and yet vh1 reality shows have a soft spot in my heart. Ugh.

phairhead said...

Heather: ooooohhh Professor, so cute. and his real name is Chris!

lydia: riki is sooooo in lust w/ daisy, it's pathetic honestly.

Lily said...

It's like a car wreck.

You don't want to look and can't look away.

phairhead said...

lily: yes yes like a hideous fake tits car wreck w/ STD's!

Mr. Apron said...

Oh, no! You need your cable TV privileges REVOKED!

phairhead said...

Mr. Apron, awwww c'mon it's only worth a citation at best

Wicked Messenger said...

I too am a Daisy junkie. You are the only person I openly admit this too... and now your readers.
I hate Daisy. I don't use this term lightly, but she's fucking retarded. I root for the biggest losers to win. I was SO relieved when she curbed Professor. However, his teaching certification should be revoked for that seriously unprofessional choice. Role model? I want 6Pack to win, since he's the biggest douchebag on VH1! Oh and the suprise guest... I'm thinking the hairband looking ex-boyfriend. Scandalous!! *Gag*