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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sisters in Sweat

I went to a cheesy Catholic school from Pre-K to 8th grade. We had no playground, instead I "enjoyed" playing in a parking lot. In the 4th grade, I played a vigorous game of kickball and and got some serious road rash on my upper back thigh (the underneath part of my butt) and the recess monitor did nothing! My grandma picked little stones out of my flesh. Thank sucked quite a bit as you can imagine. Combined w/ the fact that St. Paul's only had one girls' sports team, basketball. Currently, I'm 5'1", back then I was miniscule. Basketball out. It didn't matter, I was more of a book worm anyway.

I went to a public high school and quickly realized the cliques between the different sportos. Plus, my 9th grade phys. ed. teacher was a burnt out crusty old bitch. Seriously, that old cow was 90! No point in parading about my inadequacies.

When I got to college, chicks talked about going to the gym and working out all the time. Did real people actually do that? It seemed like only characters in inane early 90's TV shows exercised.

As I've gotten older and my metabolism, has slowed down to the pace of a cadaver. I power walk to keep my cellulite under control. And I hate it! I physical exercise, it's not fun and I get no pleasure out of it. 

Lately, I've been thinking about starting up an intra-mural kickball team in the Capital District. Kickball is the highlight of my sports career in middle school. Let's bring it back!


Lilseed said...

Perhaps we are bloggy soul mates? I, too, am 5'1"!! Sports in school? Not really. I was a bench rider for our high school's volleyball team for 2 years and then decided I would rather be a statician for the team.

I have been working out since January and have Zumba to be quite fun, you'll sweat off 10 pounds of water weight each time!

Dijea said...

Kick-ball rocks! There is a big league here. I haven't got enough "balls" to join but I just might.

phairhead said...

lilseed, boyfriend's mom loves the Zumba too but alas I cannot afford it. I used these stupid power walk DVD's. Annoying as hell but effective

Dijea, i think yr very ballsy : )

Albany Jane said...

I think there's an intramural kickball team on facebook... I forget where exactly, but I know there's something like that on there!

Personally I also do the power walking thing, but it's just a routine. :X