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Thursday, April 1, 2010


1. It's the first of April, do you play April Fool's jokes on anyone? Nope, fucking waste o' time.

2. Do you like to eat sardines? I'd rather eat my fist.

3. Have you ever played racketball? No but I still have plenty of time to do it.

4. If eating at a fast food joint that has a dollar menu, do you order a bunch of different dollar items or just go ahead and get a regular meal? I rarely eat fast food, idk does Taco Hell even have a $ menu?

5. Have you ever taken a brand new pencil and sharpened it in an electric sharper until it was almost gone just because you were bored? Nope, not a pencil waster.

6. Do you have any old broken computers still sitting around your home? Yes! Lots of stupid cables & pieces of computer junk. Grr!

7. Ricky Martin came out this week stating he is gay. Were you shocked, had a feeling, "who?" or just didn't care? I knew & yet did not care.

8. If marijuana is legalized, do you think it should have a luxury tax added onto it? Ummm.....maybe?

9. What's the oddest thing you have sitting on your computer desk right now or where ever it is you may be sitting with a laptop (you could be sitting at a Starbucks with an alien from Mars for all we know)? A purple glitter heart glued to a monster's head.

10. Have you ever bumped into a former lover and found out they were now gay or straight depending on your relationship with them? Thankfully no!

11. Have you ever held a tarantula? Nope.

12. Shower- curtain, door, walk-in, or do you just roll around in the dirt to get the stink off? Shower, have yet to try the bathtub out & we've been living here since October.

13. Which commercial is the most annoying to you on TV or radio? Fucking Flo, that stupid insurance bitch!


Dijea said...

No, No, No, No, No, Yes, No, It will never be legal in my state, A knitted hat with a ball on top, Yes, No, Door & Shower curtain, I don't watch commercials.

phairhead said...

dijea: yr lucky woman that can avoid commercials

Dijea said...

I DVR everything and watch it later. It has made my life so much better. Except for the news - that's no good DVR'd, but I'm usually cooking dinner then so...

Anonymous said...