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Monday, April 5, 2010

Oh Hoppy Day

I realize I haven't been treating my blog as I should. I haven't had the drive and I'm feeling conflicted about whether I should keep on keeping on or pack it in.

For now, here's the run down of my weekend.

We had Seder dinner on Friday night. Unfortunately, we missed the opening prayers because we had to return some mouldy ginger to Gabriel's Market. Anyways, all the usual players were there: Ms. Brisket, Mr. Kugel (BLECH!) and Miss Latke, made my fave way w/ white and sweet potatoes. And a personal fave that we haven't seen in a very long time for dessert, RICE PUDDING. Nom nom nom!

Saturday the weather was gor-ge-ous! Sexybeast went for a 6 mile run and hopefully next month he'll be competing in his 1st race. We went to the park for a grilling feast w/ Albany Jane and her husbear. HMMMM, jerk pork, plantain fritters, beef short ribs and tortellini salad. The park was had a fair amount of people there but it wasn't overly crowded. Good food and good company. Next time, Sexybeast & I need to remember to bring water. Oops, heh heh!

I wasn't feeling that hungry later when we went to my parents but Sexybeast will eat Chinese food at the drop of a hat. However, I did manage to walk to Bumpy's for an ice cream treat, after I roused Sexybeast out of his food coma. Plus, I figured the walk to Bumpy's would negate the calories from the ice cream.

Sunday, there was sooooooo much food w/ SB's family. Just miles and miles of starches, meats and sugar. Sadly, we were forced to bring home a doggie bag. MUHAHAHAHAHAHA!

It was really nice have a simple salad for dinner last night.


Albany Jane said...

Water must have been the one thing you guys didn't have! You should have just grabbed some of ours!

I lobbied for Snowman ice cream after lunch on Saturday. Yum!

Leslie said...

It's your blog. Write what makes you happy. :)

phairhead said...

AJ: ice cream makes it easier to digest food. It's a fact :<)

Leslie: I'm feeling lost at the moment. But I think blogging will help to get me on track

Roaring Lion of Two Fisted Cool said...

You be careful hanging around with Miss Latke, I hear she spreads for anyone....

phairhead said...

Lion: and she'll go straight to yr thighs!