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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Faking Bacon

Top Model recap time!

Holy crap, you guys! The chicks had to learn about posing w/ a male model in photo shoot. They practiced 1st w/ judge/hottie Nigel Barker. Oh, Nigel! I want to marry yr shaved head! It was pretty hi-larious especially when Jessica, the Christian mother, tried to molest poor Nigel. Hee! For the Challenge, the chicks got dolled up in lingerie and had to act out a private moment w/ Ross the Intern from The Tonight Show. He's a gay chubby guy. Does the fun ever stop around here? And the wiener was Jessica the Molesta. Actually, she does have a smoking hot body.

For the photo shoot, the chicks were in over the top couture fashion, hair and make up. It looked like John Galliano on acid. Top photo went to Angelea. SAY WHAT? She's very manly/draggy. Blech! And getting da boot was Tatiana. Again I say WHAT? She was flipping adorable, however, she was not consistent enough in her film.

Whomp whomp! I don't have anyone to root for this season.

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