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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Stuff and Nonsense

Last week, the future in-laws threw an engagement party for me and the Beast of Sexiness. You what the best part of being engaged is, free loot and pigs in a blanket. Hot damn! We scored a bunch o' Lowe's gift certificates. We high 5'd and visions of a new patio set danced merrily before my greedy little eyes.

Unfortunately, most of the outdoor furniture sold @ Lowe's costs about $1200. D'oh! *shakes fist angerly at retail gods* I did a little research on craigslist (hey, it worked in finding a boyfriend!) and the pickings are slim. And time is a ticking away as we are having a spring party in a few weeks. I want to name the festivities "The Wrongs of Spring" but SB doesn't like it.

Bright side, the picnic tables at Lowe's are pretty reasonable. We'll see....

I've been rewatching Buffy the Vampire Slayer. God, I fucking love that show! I want to kiss Spike's scarred eyebrow. Holy hotness! And I prefer non-gay Willow w/ Oz the werewolf. Why oh why did Anya and Spike have to get destroyed in the last episode? Willow's stupid girlfriend should have bit it.

But back to pigs in a blanket. I always thought pigs in a blanket were sausages wrapped in a pancake. A nummy brunch time treat. Alas, I am wrong. Pigs in a blanket are cocktail wieners wrapped in a crescent roll and not called "wieners in a roll". Doesn't that just conjure up images of a Tomie De Paola picture book of a cute pink piggies all snuggled up cozy in bed?

Annnnnnddddd I'm done. Later.


Leslie said...

Buffy is one of my favorite shows EVER. I love Oz and was so sad when he wasn't a part of the show anymore. I also love me some Spike. :)

phairhead said...

I'm watching the episode where Buffy's mom dies *SNIFFLE*

Dijea said...

Pigs in a blanket ~drooling~

phairhead said...

I wonder if they make low fat pigs in a blanket?