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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Dance Dance Dance

Sorry my Top Model post is so late, I got behind on everything.

For the Challenge, the hamsters are split into 2 teams for a fashion quiz. And look who's our hostess w/ the leastest, Toccara from season 3! So it's neck and neck, and Brenda fumbles on the last question. The winners get discounted items from and the losers get to do inventory. Whomp whomp!

Then there was all kinds of whiny bitchery going on in the house. People talking shit about Brenda, saying she looks like Cynthia Nixon from Sex and the City fame. What's wrong w/ that? I think Cynthia Nixon is gorgeous. And then Brenda is all boo hoo-ing and Anslee snarks at her for some unknown reason. It was super annoying!

For the photo challenge, the hamsters had to personify a genre of dance. Me personally, I like this type of photo shoot. And winning photo went to Alasia, even though she wore a tacky silver lame bathing shoot as a shirt, for working it as interpretive dance. And packing it up was my girl Ren for losing her mind and being a bad disco dancer. Plus she was only on the show because she was trying to please her mother. Guess I'll have to root for someone else, Brenda is kinda lame. Possibly Tatiana, she has a wicked cute face.

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