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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

'bout Time!

Top Chef recap time!

Aww jeez, Ed is still bitching about the pea puree. Give it a rest!

And guess who's in the kitchen w/ Padma? Previous judge and winner of Top Chef Masters, Marcus Samuelsson. Marcus presents the Quickfire Challenge to the cheftestants, create an Ethiopian meal. He gives everyone a debriefing about the spices, ingredients, & the what not of Ethiopian cooking. And on the bottom: Kevin's non-Ethiopian creation, Alex's (awww) unspicy tongue & Stephen's dry balls. And winning the challenge & immunity is Tiffany's goulash. Tiff is kinda growing on me, sorta. I do think it's admirable that she didn't know a thing about Ethiopian cuisine and she winged it, then, BOOM, winner.

For the Elimination Challenge, the cheftestants drew numbers from the KNIFE BLOCK O' DOOM. In numerical order, the cheftestants picked one of the nine countries off the map. Good news for the Tiffany as she has first choice. And schlubby Stephen picks last, I almost feel sorry for him. Blechy Amanda chose France, apparently she studied there in between crank binges.

And for the first time in a long time, if ever, Tiffany's Mexican tamales also won the Elimination Challenge.

So, Ed's shitty Chinese green tea duck & Alex's unfocused plate of Spain landed on the bottom w/ Stephen's mess of Brazil. The man over cooked his rice and beans! So Ed finds it insulting he's in the bottom w/ Alex. Uh, Ed yr not as talented as you think you are, can it! And, at last, Stephen was sent a-packin'.

Restaurant Wars next week!


Just A. Girl said...

Tiffany is cute. I love her dimples.

phairhead said...

But her voice is so obnoxiously loud