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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I Declare War!

Top Chef recap, biotches!

I think the Quickfire Challenge was completely bogus. Kevin and Ed got to chose teams and of course Alex was chosen last. Seriously?! Over Amanda?! From there, the two teams had a cooking relay, the first person starts the meal whilst the rest of the team is blindfolded & so on and so on. I'm sorry but I don't see the point of this. How could this turn out to be good? Kevin's team won and naturally Ed's team blamed Alex for their loss because he salted the fish and then it got re-salted. OK, here's my issue w/ that. He used big grained Kosher salt. How could everyone else that re-salted the fish not have seen that?

And finally, no more immunity for Quickfire winner(s)! I like it when they get compensated in other ways.

For the Elimination Challenge, its time for....... RESTAURANT WARS. Woo hoo! So, the teams are staying the same for the challenge. As you can imagine, Team Ed was very unhappy of still being w/ Alex. So, they relegate Alex to front of house so as not to fuck up their shit in the kitchen. But they do let him "plan" a meal. I laughed because the dish involved pea puree!

Predictably, Angelo took over as head chef. & UGH he christened the place EVOO ( Extra Virgin Olive Oil) When did he turn into Rachel Ray? Well, it's a moot point because they won.

Then Kevin had a shit fit because they said Alex didn't do jack shit. OY! I'm sorry you lost but, dude, the judges decide who's going home.

And WHAT?! Kenny was sent a-packin'!? Over Amanda, who had one dish and completely fucked it all up because she didn't understand the mechanics of a wood burning stove. The crack ho ruined beef! A fucking crime against nature.

Le sigh...


Just A. Girl said...

EVOO was a ridiculous name and I was surprised they sent that one guy home. Interesting episode.

Jon in Albany said...

Fell behind on watching and caught up tonight. I have to agree on the EVOO name. We are watching Top Chef, not 30 Minute Meals. I'm surprised they got Frank Bruni on there. He must have officially retired. Everybody has seen him now.

In the defense of the repeat salters-if the salt dissolved, the surface would have just looked a little wet. But if salted early enough and left to sit, some of the salt water gets pulled back in. Kind of like dry brining. No one would have seen the salt if that was the case. At least that's what would have happened with beef. Don't know about fish. And here's where I reveal my true inner salt freakiness: Based on all the product placement, they are using Morton's kosher salt which isn't that coarse.

I like that this restaurant wars didn't really include setting up the restaurant. Lot less picking wine glasses, table cloths and candles with more cooking. And there was no reason for Alex to be a dick to the waitstaff.

I am with you on Amanda screwing up, but Kenny was not without faults. That goat cheese thing looked bigger than a quarter pounder. And no fault of Kenny's, the judges hate salad this season. He made one, they hated it.

They killed Kenny! You BASTARDS!

phairhead said...

JAG: my jaw was on the floor

Jon: I concede on the salt issue.

Hee, great South Park reference :D