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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pea Puree!

Watching last week's episode of Top Chef gave me a damn headache!

*Sigh* On the w/ the recap...

For the Quickfire, the cheftestants had to create a tasty meal that can fit on a toothpick. Awww itty bitty travel size food, precious! Sucking it BIG time were Kelly's tasteless watermelon & scallops (hmm maybe because watermelon doesn't have a fucking taste, dummy!), Ed's duo of teeny tiny tuna & watermelon (ugh, gross seafood & fruit again!) and yet again my poor Alex & his truly vile creation of scallops, strawberries and basil essence w/ bacon. Sounds like a massive train wreck of flavours. And the wiener was sketchy Angelo and his lame ass cucumber cup of cashews and spicy shrimp. Sexybeast was all kinds of grossed out, "Shrimp & cucumber?!". I sincerely question the guest judge's taste buds.

For the Elimination Challenge, the cheftestants chose proteins from THE KNIFE BLOCK O' DOOM & serve them up for lunch at one of DC's premiere restaurants, the Palm. So even though, there are 2 cheftestants for every protein and they served them together, they weren't being judged head to head. Then why bother to eat the lobsters together?

Hey look, guest Elimination Challenge judge Art Smith. Whom, some of you, may remember from losing Top Chef Masters. Looks like Mr. Smith lost about 50 lbs, he looked great.

Here's the part that was really cringe worthy, Alex drew the salmon & couldn't decide how he wanted to approach his dish. Ed decides he's going to make an English pea puree for his lobster. Whilst cooking the Palms kitchen, Ed cannot find his pea puree & Alex has a pea puree. Personally, I don't think Alex stole the pea puree because it would be incredibly difficult to do that w/ all the cameras. And what a weird fucking thing to steal. But all the cheftestants were completely sure of Alex's guilt.

Which really sucks dick for them because Alex won the Elimination challenge! And packing it up was Andrea & her overly sweetened vanilla bean beurre blanc couscous & poorly cooked sword fish. I am very surprised about this! Andrea seemed to be consistently good. Oh well, good luck., girl!

And Stephen lives to see another day. CURSES!


Jon in Albany said...

I feel personally responsible for Kelly's poor cooking after dooming her with my praise a week earlier. Her quickfire was poor and then she over salted a steak so she wouldn't have to share salt with anyone. My bad.

And you are totally correct, if the dishes aren't to be compared to each other, don't serve them side by side. And why did they banish Tom to eat all alone in a corner of the kitchen?

The pea puree thing was bizarre. I can't believe they left the issue open ended. I bet Ed's puree is in the fridge back at the competition kitchen studio. It would take some serious balls to steal someone's prepared ingredients in front of all those cameras. My take is that Alex stole the idea, not the puree. Maybe the producers thought it would be good for the reunion show while they were editing.

phairhead said...

Jon: the salty steak was the worst crime!

I totally see the pea puree theft as the highlight of the reunion show :D

Just A. Girl said...

I agree with you about pea puree and reunion. Why didn't they show us on camera what happened with the peas? Why didn't they show Alex making his peas? That would solve it.

Lydia said...

I just don't care about the cheftestants this season, I'm finding Padma more and more disgusting to watch, and Tom is soooo self-important. For me, the Top Chef thrill is gone.
Oh well...maybe one day I can cut this show out of my viewing list entirely. I'm feeling over it.

phairhead said...

JAG: it makes for "interesting" TV I guess. I say fie on that!

Lydia: the last 2 seasons have been so meh! Very hard to root for anyone this year

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