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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Queen of the Reich

Morning pages morning pages! Mourning pages? I've got writer's block my beloved readers. My fabulous musician friend, Jason, suggested I start writing "morning pages" again. Basically, you sit and journal between 20 to 30 minutes every day. Yr pen does not leave the paper. It doesn't have to be linear or cohesive or make any sense at all. Just write. As Jason says, "Exlax for the brain"

Okie dokie.....

Last Sunday, we took a break from the camp site to go see Queensryche live. I saw them when I was 15! This time around, the show was a cabaret act. Half naked dancing chicks, drag queens, contortionists, trapezists. A great commentary about the artifice of celebrity, superficial love, style over substance. It was great! But it was not a show of their greatest hits. I only REALLY knew knew 5 songs and kinda knew 2 others.

One of the dancers, rubbed my back. Can't blame her, I looked smoking hot in my black shorts, black pin up tank top and green Doc Martens.

I also thought SB was gonna have to knock a motherfucker out! Some weirdo older guy (and by older I mean about 10 years older than myself) kept staring at me & called me a little sweetie. Then babbled about us being "oldest people in the club". Huh? What kind of pick up line is that? Plus, why hit on me at all? Pretty obvious SB and I are a couple.

Never dull moment in the life of Phairhead


Leslie said...

I did morning pages about 10 years ago. It didn't last very long because I wasn't that disciplined. I think the concept is good, though: just the act of writing can trigger something amazing. I'm at the point in my life where if I wait for inspiration to hit me, I would probably be waiting forever. So I try to actively chase it.

Sorry to hear about the writers block, though. Major suckage.

phairhead said...

I'm actually trying to use my Listology books to get my creative spark back. Making lists of important and mundane things, something's gotta shake loose, right?

Anonymous said...

Very nice. I like morning pages. Lord have mercy on me. Lately mine would definitely be "mourning" pages. There is never a dull moment here either. -- Just A. Girl

phairhead said...

JAG: it's been over a week since i've written this post. Still haven't tackled those morning pages :D