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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Brain Vomit

Here's some stuff that has been kicking around in my noggin:

Wedding planning sucks. I'm in the process of trying to find a venue and most of the websites I've been checking out don't have a price listing. So guess what I get to do on my lunch breaks.


I've been watching that "Teen Mom" show on the interwebs (we're cheap bastards at my house, y'all. no cable here!), It's a spin-off of the MTV reality show "16 & Pregnant". Basically life after the the rug rat is born. One chick gave her daughter up for adoption. OY! That was a fucking tear jerker. Especially since her mom and grey streaked mullet wearin' step dad (who incidentally is her boyfriend's bio-dad. uhh... weirdness!), did not approve of the whole adoption thang. So 4 months after the birth, they're still giving her grief about "taking the easy way out". Nice! And there's this bratty girl that goes out all night and leaves her baby w/ her parents. Say what? Yr living in a huge suburban house, yr paying no rent, someone is there to clean up after you and all the baby necessities are being provided for you free of charge and yr gonna yell at yr dad "fuck you!" I'm at a loss for words.

Brain is on overload. New job. Crash course in learning DV. Pile of crap on my living room table needs to be filled out and sent to HR. Think I'll go play pop it or word whomp.


Albany Jane said...

Man, that show sounds like a trainwreck.

Playing games at home sounds way better than workin', that's for sure ;)

Anonymous said...

i stopped watching mtv when they got rid of the grunge videos in favor of carson daly


Leslie said...

Wedding planning definitely can suck. I hated making those zillions of phone calls. Can you email them? Then you have all of it in writing.

phairhead said...

AJ: game night, huzzah!

eternal: oh yeah, remember Steve Isaacs? i miss good music :(

leslie: yeah, i'll probably end up doing that but gots to find the time. phooey!