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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dim Sum and then Some

Man, I loves me some 3 day weekends. Personally, I think we should start having 4 day work weeks. But I'm pretty fucking lazy so what the fuck would I know.

Anyways, I decided to take advantage of some MLK sales at the local mall. Home waxing kits at The Body Shop for 2 dollars!

The flurry of opening my wallet built up quite an appetite. Sexybeast and I had a hankering for Vietnamese food. After driving into downtown Albany, we found Van's CLOSED. Crap! File that away in the ol' memory banks. Another fine eating establishment not open on Mondays.

(it was at this point in the story, that I fell asleep while typing.....)

FUCK!!!!! The italics button has ceased working!!! I fucking hate blogger!!!!

Please ignore the ugly type.

Sexybeast and I settled on Emperor's for Chinese. It's one of the few sit down Chinese places around that are worth eating at. We had the appetizer special, 8 little perfect steamed dumpling loveliness. We had scallion, I suspect there was bitter greens inside of that sucker as well. Very tasty. There was shrimps of which I do not eat, Sexybeast ate both and proclaimed them magically delicious. There was veggie, good but a little salty. And finally the pork tastiness from on high. It was about 11 bucks, more expensive than our entrees. Because it was lunch time, soup came w/ the meal. We both had won ton, as we both hate hot n' sour (looks like raw sewage) and egg drop (BLAH!!! hot snot). I would like to note the won ton wrappers never once disintegrated in the broth. Nummy! And oddly enough, we ordered the same thing for an entree, pepper sauce and peanuts. Sexybeast = shrimp. Me = chicken. It was spicy, the veggies were crisp and there was the nice little surprise of the crunch from the peanuts.

I say winner winner, tasty dinner.


Albany Jane said...

Your last sent. rhymes!

Score on the $2 wax kits!

I have no idea what's up with so many places closed on Mondays. Mondays are the one day of the week I ALWAYS want to go somewhere... that's closed. Maybe it's subconsciousness trying to keep me from spending cash ;)

The dumplings sound gooooood! I'm also a hotnsour soup hater. Too much/not enough going on. Not for me!

phairhead said...

AJ: heh heh you sound like Sexybeast re: hot n' sour soup :D
OH! by the by, the latest coupon clipper book has coups for Shining Rainbow :D