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Friday, January 15, 2010
And yes i know it's Friday but I'm cute and cute people can do anything they want!

1. Build It Yourself Coffin Kits. Creepy, interesting, cost effective, your new hobby? I think this is perfect for theeternallist.

2. Can you blow up a balloon under water? Maybe, possibly, it's not like you have to breathe in to blow up a balloon.

3. Why do you think when naming citrus fruit they simply named an orange the color it is? Wait, yr assuming orange was a colour 1st. Also, aubergine is a colour and what Europeans call eggplant. So nyah nyah nyah!

4. Insanity Cafe's topic of the day on Tuesday was this article. Have you ever known someone to do something embarrassingly stupid like that? I can think of someone who would attempt to shove their junk in a pipe but never someone who has actually done it.

5. If you got stranded high on a mountain in the snow, how many snowmen would you make? Would you name them and talk to them? Zero because snowmen are stupid.

6. Have you ever tripped and fell while walking up the stairs? All the time!

7. If you were to make your own currency what would it look like, what would you call it and would you give some to your fellow Thursday Thunkers? Thunk Bucks, they be polka dotted and have Mayor McCheese's face on them. I'd pass them out like water.

8. Have you ever made a Mr. Potato Head from a real potato? No but I have eaten an entire raw potato.


Albany Jane said...

I bet a balloon would be hard to blow up under water, I guess depending on depth. Pressure and all...

I would make snowladies. Or maybe snow trannies. Boobies for all snow people!

phairhead said...

AJ: we shall overcome!!!