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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Sex is a High Number

  1. What is your pet hate? I'm assuming that is equivalent to pet peeve. In which case I'll say, either being interrupted or ignored.
  2. If you had the choice of living on any planet, then which one it be and why? Pluto. Because it's not a real planet.
  3. It’s your birthday and everyone forgets what would you do? Have a fucking fit!!!
  4. Do you think you are good at recycling? Yes, I am exceptional at it.
  5. Cash or credit? Cash. Credit = unhappiness
  6. Car or public transport!? Car, our public transport in upstate NY sucks it hard


Dijea said...

If everyone forgot my birthday - I would pout.

phairhead said...

dijea: hopefully that will never happen

Leslie said...

I love the phrase "upstate New York." It sounds classy. "Southern California" sounds like smog and boob jobs.

phairhead said...

leslie: you make smog and fake boobs sound like it's a bad thing :D