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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Down & Out in Chinatown

Top Chef recap time!

For the Quickfire Challenge, the cheftestants had to make quick dish in 8min 37sec as set by Chef Col-dick-io. Here's my issue, they didn't taste Tom's food. Yes he was speedy but his fish could have tasted like poo. Anyways, because of the time constraints, Chef Tom stressed that the cheftestants should not make a dish that is not cooked. No sushi, no ceviche, no raw! Sucking it big time were Jamie because none of her clams cooked except for one. So I guess she made an amuse bouche. Dale's pad thai because it lacked noodles. Who would try to make noodles in less than 8 minutes? And Angelo's uncooked fish. Cocky bastard! Winning immunity and a Prius (wow!) was Mike I. Say what? Uhhh...ok.

For the Elimination Challenge, cheftestants had to make dim sum dishes at a busy Chinatown restaurant. In addition, some one had to expedite the orders and two chefs had to serve. Since Mike had immunity he took over as expediter. Casey and Carla were working the push carts. Now you would think w/ all the people in the kitchen and the fact that they're used to working on a line, that the food would be flying fast and furious. Meh, not so much. Patrons got up and left w/ being served. Slow slow slow service. But a winner did emerge and it was Dale. Aw c'mon! Well, I guess you can polish a turd. Going home was Casey and her under cooked chicken feet. Of course, Casey placed the blame on Antonia because she relegated Antonia to cooking the dish whilst Casey was pushing carts of food around. Hey! Have some balls to stand up for yrself, Casey! Good riddance!

Hi, Jamie! Yr still here stinking up the kitchen.


J. said...

I can't believe Jamie is still around and I just knew that Casey was going to put the blame on someone else!

Jon in Albany said...

It was a stupid elimination challenge. Simply asking one chef to prepare another chef's dish for judgment is wrong. And for the quickfire, Tom walked in there knowing what he wanted to make, what ingredients he wanted, and how he wanted to cook them. Sorry, that doesn't come close to being a contestant. They could have had Tom show up there not knowing what was going to happen and created a level playing field. They took the easy way out. And while Casey isn't the best chef there, she isn't the worst one there either.

phairhead said...

Jammer: Casey is a total blame shifter!

Jon: agreed, weakest Quickfire so far!

Smirking Cat said...

You can heat up Spaghetti O's in less than 8 minutes. What is so impressive about that? Maybe I am just revealing my lack of cooking skills.

phairhead said...

SC: hmmm....Spaghetti-o's!