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Monday, January 17, 2011

MLK Meme

1) Do you know any recipes by heart? If so, write one down off the top of your head.
Blue Corn Tortilla Soup:

Heat 1 tbsp of olive oil in pot on med-high. Add sliced carrots (I use about 5-6 baby carrots) 5 cloves of minced garlic and a 28 oz can of whole tomatoes. Bring to a boil. Take veggies and puree them. Return to pot & add 5 cups of broth. Bring to a boil. Take crushed tortilla chips & shredded cheese (I like the jalapeno Jack) and place in bottom of soup bowl. Ladle soup on top & add fresh minced cilantro, chopped raw onions, hot sauce and/or lime juice.

2) Of the people you know, who has the best style? Besides me...... Albany Jane

3) If you could be any book character, who would it be? Astrid from "The Whores on the Hill" by Colleen Curran

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