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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Floudering & Carping

Top Chef recap time!

Ugh....Marcel! Twice he tried to pick a fight w/ Dale T. I'm not saying Dale doesn't deserve to be knocked down a few pegs but DAMN Marcel is such a shit mixer!

There was no Quickfire Challenge because the cheftestants had to go to Montauk and go fishin' for a fancy schmancy party on the beach. The cheftestants were randomly split into 4 groups of 3 & sent out into the Atlantic to get some fresh grub.

And Carla is on a winning streak w/ her blue fish. I'm glad that it wasn't a team win because in any group situation someone is always a fucking slacker.

Then...DOUBLE ELIMINATION....WHOMP WHOMP. Team Blais, Marcel & Fabio made a group dish which is completely idiotic. But, I think Top Chef is very misogynistic , so Jamie finally left because she sucks & Tiffani.....NOOOOO!!!! I'm going to miss you Tiff! It should have been Fabio or Marcel :-(

My heart, she is hurting...


Jon in Albany said...

I agree. Fabio or Marcel should have taken Tiffani's place packing knives. And Jaime should have been gone back in December. At least they got it half right.

Marcel looked like a total schmuck when he was drunk on roof giving Dale a hard time. It was like Captain Hair-do was trying to be gansta. Didn't work for him.

The preview for next week looked pretty chaotic - Restaurant Wars!

phairhead said...

Love love love the Restaurant Wars!!!