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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Buzz

Top Model recap, bitches!

Alexandria is proving to be this series biggest bitch ever! Woo whee! She put raw chicken in a plastic bowl in the fridge w/ aluminum foil "protecting" it. Hey dummy, have you heard of salmonella? Dalya gave Alexandria a lecture on raw food prep and then Alexandria made some threats about making Dalya's Top Model stay a living hell. Sounds fair!

Therapy time! Haven't had that since cycle 2 when Camille got called out for being a big phony faker. Good times. Good times. The hamsters had to draw self-portraits of their inner critics and then confront them. Kind of hard to Jaclyn seriously w/ her baby talk voice. Then they all got jewelry. Um...OK?

For the photo shoot, the hamsters did beauty shots (tight close ups of their faces) wearing jewelry soaked in bee pheromone & then had live bees dumped on them. It looked kinda cool actually. I loved loved the make up, white faces and black/greenish/blueish lips. And as a precaution all the hamsters had nose and ear plugs in. Top Model is all about safety.

In a Top Model 1st, Ondrei withdrew from the competition because of unresolved grief from 2 brothers passing away before taping for the show. This has been the only time Tyra(nt) has approved of a drop out hamster. Best photo went to Hannah, I agree it was a great photo. She had GIGANTIC tears sliding down her bee coated neck. However, off the photo set, that stupid hamster constantly wear pony tails. Why has no one told her she looks like an idiot or a "lesbian" from a porno website. Alexandria, give us a hand! Packing it up was Nicole who photographed 35 at age 20. Yipes! Not good.

Next week: make overs!

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