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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Mad Hamsters

Another late recap, my apologies. On w/ The Top Model!

And Alexandria has once again is alienating the rest of the hamsters in the house by being a complete and total asshat. Oh the drama! Oh the ratings!

For the challenge, the cheftestants had to walk in a runway show w/ flame retardant gloves on their hands because they had to hold FIRE. Hmm, sweaty hamsters! Sara was a hot mess (literally!), Hannah looked lost & Kasia kept making fish lips. Duking it out for 2 dresses from the runway collection were Alexandria, Brittani & Dalya but Dalya managed to inch ahead of the competition.

For the photo shoot, the hamsters had to act in a commercial for "Fierce Roast" coffee portraying s-e-x-x-y secretaries ala Christina Hendricks' character from "Mad Men". Sara started bitching and moaning about how participating in this challenge goes against her strident feminist beliefs. Um, hello? Yr on Top Model, the U.S.S. Betty Friedan left ages ago! One point of concession though, for some reason the hair and makeup folks did not give Sara a wig for the shoot. That seems unfair. Best "photo" of the week went to Kasia and her curvy hot ass. Love her! And yet again, Alexandria was being a diva bossy bitch on the set which landed her in the bottom two w/ Sara's wigless butt. Good bye Sara! You seem like you have some sense, go home and get an education.

More bitch faces, next week!


Just A. Girl said...

I've been watching model this season too... but I'm a losing interest a little... Top Chef on the other hand has been great. I'll need to catch up on the finale sometime soon. Shh... don't tell me the ending!

phairhead said...

Viva Top Chef!