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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Meow, Baby!

Top Model recap lateness!

We get hit w/ more of Alexandria's asshattery. She really is just a foul mess.

Ugh! Stupid pointless Cover Girl make up instructional video. Blech! The hamsters were grouped into 3 teams of 3 & randomly chose "creative director", "talent" & "writer". And whoa betide Monique & Molly as they were stuck w/ Stank Ass Alexandria. Alexandria pissed and moaned and was horrible horrible horrible to Monique & Molly. To no one's surprise they did not win this challenge. The winning team was Kasia (so cute!), Mikaela (BLAAAHHHH!) & Brittani (also adorable!)

For the photo shoot, the hamsters were posing at the zoo w/ a baby jaguar in Rachel Zoe's faux fur. Blech! Faux fur :P But baby jaguar was freaking adorable! Pig tailed Hannah got winning photo. She does nothing for me. And packing it up was clueless Dalya. Meh.

Next week: mud pit!