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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Nearly There

A day late for the Top Chef recap.

The final three: Antonia, Blais & Fathead. One of these things is not like the others. Can you guess?

I loved loved loved this Quickfire Challenge: the chefestants had to assign each other a quickfire twist from seasons past. God I love how these cheftestants try to fuck each other over! Fathead assigned Antonia the using only canned and dried foods dish, Antonia gave Blais the make a hot dog dish & Blais chose the one pot dish for Fathead. All was well until Padma came prancing back to the more twist! The cheftestants chose in reverse order and Blais had to cook one handed, Fathead could not use any utensils and Antonia had to cook Siamese twin style tied to recently booted chef Carla. Antonia came up w/ a curry coconut soup w/ canned shrimps & sausage, Blais made a Thai seasoned hot dog & Fathead had a braised pork shoulder and cabbage salad. All these dishes had issues but someone Fathead won. GRRR! No!

For the Elimination Challenge, they brought back another of my faves: cook a guest judges' last meal. As Fathead won the Quickfire, he got the privilege of assigning the guest judges to each of the cheftestants. Fathead chose Michelle Bernstein, Blais got Wolfgang Puck & Antonia was paired w/ IRON CHEF Morimoto (squee!). Poor Antonia, I'm sure you all can see where this is going. Blais won w/ his spin on Wolfgang Puck's favourite last meal of spaetzle and strudel. Hmm mmm! I love spaetzle! Wolff's Biergarten puts gravey on their spaetzle, so delicious! Fathead failed to make Michelle Bernstein's request of fried chicken crispy. And Antonia could bring it home w/ the miso soup, white rice & sushi at Morimoto's behest.

Aha! But there was yet another TWIST! The bottom two of Fathead & Antonia had to go head to head in making a single bite of food to determine who will get to the finale. Now here is where I had a problem w/ the show. If they were planning this the whole time, then they could served poop on plate for the Elimination. Anyways, going on to fight for the title of Top Chef was Fathead.

NOOOOO!!!! Sexist bullshit!


Jon in Albany said...

For the quickfire, I think they should have stuck with one challenge or the other. Adding a challenge in the middle is simply to watch them squirm.

I wouldn't say the challenge or judging was sexist, but having Antonia's first choice in fish be slightly off of rancid - well that was bullshit.

The last bites, both were just seemed "OK" to me in concept. It looked close to a coin flip.

I've seen the finale. There was a half an hour live special after it that was unwatchable. I'm hoping that the return of Top Chef Masters is better than this. At least in this series, I liked the chefs. The product placement and insanity of the challenges got to be too much. It used to be more about the they make it a commercial with Minute-To-Win-It cooking challenges.

phairhead said...

Hmm....not sure if I will watch Masters.

Thanks for stopping by every week, Jon! :-)