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Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Return of the Thunk

1. Charlie Sheen is an idiot and will probably end up with his own stupid reality show that will get 40 million viewers the first day and then people will fall asleep and quit watching. What person, celebrity or not, would you watch every eppy of a reality show if they were the center of it all? Sutan Amrull from Rupaul's Drag Race & Top Model fame. Love him!

2. We all pay bills and wish we didn't have to. We all work and wish we could just lay around all day doing nothing. We all have those grown up responsibilities that we wish we could give to an African Elephant. Besides all the things the African Elephant got from you for the day, what is something from your high school years that you miss most of all? Angst & a flatter stomach

3. Sometimes we want to grow wings and fly. Whats the farthest you've fallen? I have no idea, a foot maybe

4. There is square bread, wheat bread, circle shaped bread, bread with nuts in it, funny named bread. When you open a bread bag, do you twist it when you are done or put the metal tie thingie back on? (And did you know that if you look at that metal tie thingie, it has a day of the week printed on it?) Twist, too lazy to do it the away and I always looks those plastic twisty things.

5. Some spoiled little brat (hey.. my opinion) called 911 on her teacher because he shook his own desk to get the students attention in the class. (I know, right?) Think back... what clever ways did a teacher of yours use to get the attention of the class or a particular student? In 4th grade, Sister Immaculate Heart slammed the classroom door so hard, the glass in it shattered everywhere.

6. Artwork, pictures, notes, appointments. How many magnets are on your refrigerator? Too many!

7. Cats are fluffy, dogs are soft, snakes are leathery, fish are wet. What is an animal that you have held or petted that you don't think many people have had the chance? Oh no, I don't not pick up strange creatures

8. I'm coming to your house to paint your kitchen. I'm bringing the paint. What color should I not have with me? No, not the kitchen! I like the colour that it is already. You can paint the guest room ruby red.

9. Snow falls down, sometimes sideways. It still ends up on the ground. If snowflakes came in all different colors, which color snowflake would fall the fastest? Black

10. We caved... well at least I did. Are you glad Thursday Thunks is back? YESSSSS!

Have a great day. Or not. See you around.


Ria said...

I want to paint my bedroom, darker red.

phairhead said...

Sounds swanky ;-)

Sophia Walker said...

The plastic clips on bread bags come in different colors based on the days of the week. Who knew? I only ever see white...

phairhead said...

Sophia: for reals? i never noticed :-)