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Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Top Chef recap time!

For the Quickfire Challenge, Paula Deen was in the kitchen w/ Padma. My first thought was, "Well it shouldn't be hard to impress Paula Deen. Just deep fry some butter & throw some gravy on it!" Heh heh. And essentially that was what the challenge called for, make a dish created in a deep fat fryer. Mike I, the fucking scumbag, stole his idea of a chicken "oyster" served on an oyster shell from Blais. And he tried to justify his reasons for his thievery! Ugh! Paula Deen remarked that she has the same hair style as Blais 1st thing in the morning....AWESOME SAUCE. Ha! Dale delivered a flavourless steak wrapped oyster & Carla's spit ball hush puppies were on the bottom. Poor Antonia, she totally would have won except she forgot to plate two dishes. So Blais' idea executed by Mike won. Needless to say he did not thank Blais after he won. Dick.

For the Elimination Challenge, the cheftestants had to pick a piece of seafood and a dish for a gala. I marvel at the task of making food for 250-ish people. That is something I could never do. In picking a seafood, the cheftestants have to take a booted cheftestant as well. Most of the cheftestants avoided the white shrimp because they were attached to Marcel. Mike I chose first and got Tiffani (YEAH) and brown shrimp. Mike as the winner of the Quickfire chose the order in which the cheftestants could pick their protein. Poor Tiffany got the shit end of the stick w/ Marcel. He was very bossy in the kitchen. I also noticed that Tiffani made most of the Mike I's dish, including the sauce that the judges kept praising. C'mon Mike! A little credit where credit is due. But thankfully Blais won. Revenge is a dish best served cold! And getting sent a-packin' was Dale. Wha-wha-what?! All right, I admit Dale's dish did suck monkeys' balls & he has a shitty personality but I think the judges want the ladies to stay in the competition longer. Tiffany has just been making absolute poop for several weeks now.

Final 5!


Jon in Albany said...

I was very surprised to see Mike I take credit for that idea. I bet he gets a lot of shit at the reunion. To add insult to injury, I thought Blais' dish looked better. Paula Deen didn't see it that way though.

When Dale is on, he can cook. When he fails, he fails big time. I thought he had a shot to survive this round, but any of these bottom 3 dishes could have gone. I think Carla got a little lucky there...

phairhead said...

Jon: Carla dodged a bullet, man!