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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Deja Vomit

Top Model is back!

This is a very extra special's All Star time! I really didn't agree w/ the majority of the choices Tyra(nt) made in who she called back.....but I'm thinking that most of the hamsters I enjoyed viewing had good enough sense not to further humiliate themselves on the small screen again.

Season 1: Shannon, annoying Christian girl. I couldn't stand her then, I can't stand her now. I miss Elyse! My beautiful dark haired waif!

Season 2: Camille, the arrogant bitch. Thumbs down! Where's Shandi? Oh yeah, Shandi has awesome tattoos and wants nothing to do w/ Tyra(nt) ever again.

Season 3: no representation.....I loved redheaded Nicole....sadly, the rumour is that she's working at a Starbucks in Minnesota. :-(

Season 4: Brittney, pretty party gal. Amazing body, slightly annoying. My fave was Naima and she won so no need to bring her back.

Season 5: we have two hamsters! Bre, stank attitude and annoying lazy eye Lisa. Lisa was last seen on Celebrity Rehab. Wonder if she still has a "problem"? Ugh to both of these, bitches! I want androgynous Kim!

Season 6: no hamsters from then either....I loved Joanie & Mollie Sue. But they're real models now so nuts to Tyra(nt)!

Season 7: nobody...I liked AJ

Season 8: nobody...I liked Sarah & Brittany

Season 9: Bianca, another idiot bitch. Where's plus size Sarah or pixie cut Janet?

Season 10: Dominque, mean bitch. Plus she looks like a drag queen. BLAH!!! I want Brooklyn punk Lauren!

Season 11: Isis, the 1st transsexual contest & Kimora Lee Simmons wannabe Sheena (I can't stand her!). I like Isis actually but my fave from that season was sweet French Marjorie.

Season 12: Allison, HURRAY! My sweet doe eyed, nose bleeding enthusiast! She got so robbed when Bevis T-Rex trapped in a wind tunnel won.

Season 13: Laura, sweet country gal. She's not bad, a bit annoying. Redhead Nicole won that cycle & I loved loved loved her!

Season 14: Angelea, another drag queen asshole. I want Ren!

Season 15: Kayla, HUZZAH! She's an out and proud lesbian and she's freaking gorgeous!

Season 16: Alexandria, oh no not Bitch Face! I thought I saw the last of her! Grr! I wanted Kasia and her plus sized beauty!

No competitive challenge for this episode....praise the Lord!

For the photo shoot, the hamsters had to exaggerate the persona they created on their original season. Winning photo went to Isis, whom I might add had the final surgery completed! Nice job, Isis. And packing it up was Brittany.....really? She was gorgeous but Tyra(nt) deemed her unmemorable. I say bullshit!

I'm rooting for Kayla and Allison!


Heather said...

Kayla is my favorite-- and I agree with your pic on Kim! I'm watching reruns and Kim is probably my alltime favorite top model. I have such a chick crush on her; we would totally make out if we were in that limo together ;)
I kind of like Lisa, too, though.

phairhead said...

Heather: great minds think alike :D

Sub Radar (Mike) said...

Not my kind of show so this went totally over my head haha... interesting, nonetheless!

phairhead said...

Mike: I'm not particularly proud that I watch this drivel but DANG i'm addicted