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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

We are the Music Makers & we are the Dreamers of Dreams

Oompa doompa doopity do, time for another Top Chef: Just Desserts recap for you!

There was no Quickfire Challenge this week & were treated to a special viewing of the "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory". Though Cutie Matthew wanted to be prepared just in case and saved his popcorn and red licorice. On a personal note, "Wonka" is one of my all time favourite movies ever in the history of film! It's in my top three w/ "Pulp Fiction" and "Breakfast at Tiffany's".

And SURPRISE! 4 out of the 5 Golden Ticket child actors were in the audience w/ the cheftestants. No Augustus Gloop....maybe he died from eating too much strudel. And this week's Elimination Challenge is to make an edible room ala the "Pure Imagination" scene from "Wonka". I was hoping that a cheftestant would make an edible daffodil like Gene Wilder chowed down on in the movie. But no such luck.

Though this wasn't a group challenge, the cheftestants had to work cohesively to achieve the grandeur of the edible room. ANOTHER TWIST, double elimination this round. And packing it up were Craig, FINALLY. He attempted to make large gummy bears but they clumped and plopped and looked poopy. And Cranky Ass Melissa for her disgusting green doughnuts. The big winner of the challenge was Katzie, HURRAY! She made this incredible "carrot" patch. You had to dig through "dirt" to under a chocolate carrot. Plus, she made a cake beehive w/ actual honey you could pump out of it. Creative and tasty!

Possibly the best Top Chef episode ever! "Violet! Yr turning violet, Violet!"


Jon in Albany said...

It was very cool to see grown up golden ticket children. Too bad they couldn't get Gene Wilder too. And I think the right person won the challenge. The carrot patch was very creative and looked delicious. I kind of wonder how much better it would have been if the chocolate waterfall was a little simpler. A lot more could have gotten done.

Craig is probably a very nice guy, but I have no idea how he got on the show. Can you imagine how it would feel to have not made the show and then seen him? And the green doughnuts look really bad. I wonder who will get picked last now that Melissa is gone...

phairhead said...

Jon: not offend yr sensibilities but that chocolate waterfall looked like baby diarrhea....just NO!

I don't think Gene Wilder would be on a reality TV show

Jon in Albany said...

It takes more than that to offend my sensibilities :)