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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Once Upon a Sugar Coma

Wellity wellity wellity well well.....Top Chef: Just Desserts is back and it's bitchier than ever!

Lots of really arrogant rude pastry chefs this season. Get over yrselves!

And we jump right into a Quickfire Challenge. SIGH! For some unearthly reason, it was decided that each cheftestant needed to work in pairs. Why? Well at least we know who's going to be home w/in the 1st few episodes. Anyways, Gail & the gorgeous sexy amazing Johnny Iuzzini were at Ye Olde Sody Shoppe to judge the cheftestants elevated soda fountain traditional desserts. Sucking it were Oliver and Megan's not edgy enough banana split, team drama queens Craig and Lina's poopy not so Elvis raspberry crispie thing. And the wieners were Amanda & Nelson's pickled cherries and chocolate sponge cake...YUM.

For the Elimination Challenge, the cheftestants were randomly assigned to groups (AGAIN?!) to create two desserts & show piece w/ a fairy tale theme. As Amanda & Nelson won the Quickfire, they chose which group they wanted to work w/. The losers were Jack & the Beanstalk....Craig, you are a novice. If you don't know what yr doing, don't pretend that you do. Their show piece was a one dimensional ugly mess. AND also bringing up the rear was Hansel & Gretel. Hansel & Gretel!? Are you fucking kidding me?! They had the easiest one. What's his face (can't remember his name, oops) made a crap w/ pineapple. Pineapple is indigenous German forests obviously. But the biggest mistake was the show piece debacle. Lina insisted that it would too literal to have a gingerbread house in it. Dumbass. However, her teammate Melissa is a passive aggressive snot. Lina's crap cake sent her home.

Coming out on top for the 1st go around were Team Red Riding Hood....yummy sounding treats and a beautiful beautiful show piece.

Overall, great challenges but the cheftestants are meh. All kinda of blendy at this point.


Jon in Albany said...

I can't remember any of their names, but there is clearly one of chef-testant that is not like the others. His former teacher didn't looked thrilled to see him. Maybe he will rise to the challenge next week, I doubt it, but there is hope. Because if he can squeak by a few rounds, his presence will cause all kinds of drama with that group. And they don't need any help in the drama department. Maybe the show will get better, by I agree that there is no one worth cheering for.

And please do at least a few indivual challenges. They appear to be mean spirited people, but they still deserve to sink or swim on their own.

Kind of fun to be dishing dirt on the show again!

phairhead said...

Jon: hurray! Dishin' w/ Jon :D