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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Snoopy Sno-Cone Maker

Top Chef recap time!

For the Quickfire Challenge, the cheftestants had to make a fun & bold candy bar. This means you they needed to re-imagine Charleston Chew, not make a Charelston Chew. By the by, those suckers taste better frozen! On the bottom tier, Cutie Pie Matthew and his unfinished hazel nut praline orange vanilla chocolate (gee whiz! No wonder he didn't finish! Too many things going on for a candy bar) and Katzie's banana curd (ick!) jasmine ganache & dark chocolate "mess on a stick". And winning it was Sally's peanut butter, chocolate, chocolate nibs, & chocolate ganache. Sally won immunity and Katzie's jealousy. Yeah, Sally how dare you try to win by using ingredients that the judges enjoy to eat! You, bitch!

For the Elimination Challenge, the cheftestants participated in YET ANOTHER team challenge. Enough already w/ the team challenges! It's making very hard for me to distinguish the cheftestants. Anyways, the cheftestants were in teams and making cool & refreshing desserts for families at a water park. Fun times! Gimme a lemon ice. The winning team was Katzie, Megan & Rebecca. And Katzie being the ultra-mega winner w/ her baked Alaska spumoni on a stick. Hell to the yes! And packing it up was Amanda (who?) and her hockey puck funnel cakes. At least you'll always have Mother Russia.

Yet another middle of the packer bites the dust. SB is totally overwhelmed by this season & I must admit no one is REALLY standing out for me.


Jon in Albany said...

Katzie is on a roll. Baked Alaska on a stick?!?! Sign me the hell up for that.

I think you can look at the group and pick out the best 4 or 5. I had to look up their names (thank you internets), but I'd say in no particular order Katzi, Mathew, Orlando, Chris and Rebecca seem to be the more creative/technically superior chefs. Carlos could be in that group if he could just jet go of Captain Crunch. Now that I have typed their names, they will be systematically eliminated from the show. Sorry about that, chefs.

So far, Katzie and Mathew are the only two I could root for. Just give the chefs an individual elimination challenge and some time to pull it off. I'd like to see what they come up with.

phairhead said...

Jon: I see we are of like minds :D