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Friday, December 19, 2008

And a Sixpence in her Shoe

Hey, everyone! I'm in the midst of a crippling depression, so my posts may be sporadic. Bear with me, I'll be better when the snow melts. And by the by, I got a nasty-gram for last week's Top Chef recap. And I'd like to stress again, this is my blog. These are my opinions. I'm entitled to my opinions. I am proud of my opinions. I am snarky and judgemental. Having written that disclaimer, don't read this blog if you're going to tell me how lame I am.

Anywhoo, in Top Chef land, the cheftesants' Quick Fire Elimination, was to test their palates. They played Name that Ingredient, in face to face showdown, last man standing type o' thing. And my sexy secret boyfriend, Hosea proved that he has the chops and is incredibly smokin' hot. Lucky Hosea also won immunity in the challenge.

So the gang is divided up into for teams, Old, New, Borrowed, Blue. And they have to cater Judge Gail Simmons' bridal shower of 40 guests. Y-IPES! Tricky business, having a abstract theme and making food for that many people.

For the most part, the chefs performed well. As a side note, my friend Lydia and I have noticed that Gail really bulked up this season. Even SexyBeast made a comment and he only watched the show for the first time 'cause I made him. Here's a direct quote "Wow! She's about ready to pop out of her dress!"

So the winning team was Borrowed, who used the concept of borrowing from culinary influences and made Eastern spice lamb marinated in yoghurt with wilted kale (yum!), carrot puree and cucumber raita (not sure what raita is, Albany Jane and Mr. Dave help!) . And based off of that win, the judges picked a super duper winner......... Ariane. She looked dumb founded. I'm not an Ariane fan but she gets a half hearted pat on the back from me. Then Jaime, whom I know despise even more, gets her knickers in a twist 'cause she felt she should have been the winner. As my delightful SexyBeast said "She pureed veggies! The other chick made meat. Meat wins every time!"

And packing their knives and going is Daniel/Danny, thank God. A bad chef and even more obnoxious person. His crime, throwing shit on a shit pile that already has too much shit on it. Oh, and yeah, he undercooked some crummy mushrooms and threw them underneath Bug-eyed Carla's salad. Good riddance, ya yutz!


Anonymous said...

I love Top Chef. The Italian guy is hot. :) Thank you for the nice comment on my blog. Email me sometime.

Leslie said...

Sorry to hear about the depression. That's no fun.

You got a nasty-gram for a blog post about a TV show? I guess whoever sent it takes their Top Chef verrrrrrry seriously.

M. Da Glyde Woodrow said...

Hello and howdy! Read the comment in question, don't let the bastards bring ya down! Opinions are like bum-holes, we all have 'em, and they all stink. Gotta say, Fabio is growing on me, he's a funny little man. Cris says "Bug-Eye" looks like she could be Jeff Goldblum's illegitimate half sister.

Lydia said...

Man, I so hear you on the winter depression. We're being slammed by snow, ice and (supposedly) an approaching wind storm. What really sucks is that billy works for the power company and may have to commute in to work to deal with it all. major anxiety going on for miss lydia.

top chef seems to like the boobie popping thing. Did you see natasha richardson this week? she had to cover that shit up for judges' table.

F the nasty gram person. I dont get ppl for flaming other ppl's opinions on their own stinking blogs. Grrr. ppl suck!

Joining you in the blues, L

phairhead said...

Thank you everyone for yr kind words. It means alot. Writing helps the blues. Wish the damn snow would stop.

poor Mr. King, I hope they pay him overtime

Mr. Dave said...

Raita is an Indian condiment made from yogurt and spices. Often they will put cucumber I don't like. I have an irrational hatred for the flavor of cucumbers. Think of Raita like an Indian version of Tzatziki sauce.

Mr. Dave said...

Hahah, I thought the "bug-eyed" lady looks more like jar jar binks.

phairhead said...

Mr. Dave, thanks! SexyBeast did an impression of her. I thought he looked an awful lot like a velocoraptor. Hmmmmmm..... tzatziki.