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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Fatty Fatty

My SexyBeast and I were not together for this past holiday. I was up north in the mountains and he went hunting in Swan Lake, NY. On Sunday we were reunited (and it felt so good!) and he was exhausted from the 2 1/2 hoursish ride in the truck and the snow and he was hungover from Charlie's patented martinis.

Being the wonderful girlfriend that I am, I made dinner. I just got the latest issue of Cooking Light and it is jam packed w/ lots o' tasty treats. Having last weekend partaken of some delish and cheap Indian eats at Taj Mahal, I decided to try my hand at making veggie pakoras. I even purchased some supermarket naan. I was nervous and much to our delight, they came out fabulous. SexyBeast made the rice, he learned a few tricks from his Vietnamese friend on how to make perfect rice. Please feel free to e-mail me or comment if you wants the recipe.

Yesterday, even though SexyBeast was feeling crappy because of his newly diagnosed acid reflux, he made dinner. Dry sea scallops and veggie tempura. It was fantastico! I never had a battered fried scallop before and it was soft and flavourful.

I think I needs a snack.....


Albany Jane said...

Yum! I've found that those pre-mixed spice boxes from the Indian markets can make just about anything tasty. Deep fry anything, and I'm in.

Lydia said...

Damn! now I'm in the mood for indian. Did I ever take you to the super yummy indian place out here? If not, i suck. mmmm...naan! happy food thoughts! :)

oh and post the rice tips on your blog for all the world to see. sharing is caring!

phairhead said...

AJ: actually i made my own batter for the pakoras. it was a piece of cake : ) Seeds of Change makes Indian sauces. We used the Madras sauce to dip our pakoras in.

Miss Lydia: you did take me out for Indian. it was that tiny place near yr old aparment in Everett. The naan was a little doughy but still yummalicious