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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Coochy Coo!

The nicest compliment anyone could ever give me is "oh yr skin feels so soft!" Let me tell you people, soft skin doesn't just happen, especially you if tend to be a bit more crocodile-ly in the winter.

I am very resolute in my lotion type products. I vacillate between the high end, Shea Body Butter from The Body Shop, it has a clean smell and goes on nice and thick, and the bargain buy, Olay Quench. I prefer the Ultra Moisture variety because of my extra dry knees and elbows.

And you know what goes well with soft skin? Freshly shaven legs of course! For a long time I lived in the shaving dark ages, using cheap disposable razors and ordinary soap. Then when I was spending a semester in Mexico, free from the constraints of my mother, I bought my first really nice expensive razor. But still I had red bumps and dry patches.

I started using girly shaving foams. But the smells were overpowering and I was going through them like mad. Then I saw the light. I went to a sex toy party and among the many fun things being sold was Coochy Shave Gel. It is a miracle in a bottle. It has a clean scent, you only need a little and in a pinch you can substitute it for hair conditioner.

Lucky for me, I had gone to a series of sex toy parties in a row. I didn't worry about when I could purchase my next fix. However, there were some lean times and I had to resort to my old ways. Until, my good friend Lydia at wrote a post on and I was overjoyed to read that my fave. shaving product could be easily obtained on the interweb. Thank you, Lydia!

And bonus, the Coochy line has expanded. You can get it all sizes, different scents and an after shaving mist (which have yet to try).

Enough, post. It's time to hit the shower!


metalchick666 said...

I believe I would buy Coochy Shave Gel just for the name alone.

phairhead said...

I know. : ) It's sleazy and cute at the same time

Anonymous said...

hmm. i need some of that coochy stuff. :)

my skin care regimen? dove soap. cetaphil lotion. not glamorous, but i've got supersoft skin :)

phairhead said...

Nice. We have to be kind to our skin : )

pom said...

i love it but don't know how to get it..:(