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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Learn to Fly

Top Chef recap day is once again upon us.

I happened to really enjoy this week's epi, even if the lame ass Foo Fighters were on it. I am not trying to offend anyone, but my personal opinion is Foo Fighters are sucky.

For the Quick Fire Challenge, the cheftesants had to choose knives from the infamous randomizer butcher block o' doom. On the knives were random numbers which corresponded to page numbers in the Top Chef cookbook (plug plug plug by Bravo channel). The chefs had to do their own spin on the recipe they had "chosen". So everybody is doing their thing when Padma (hostess w/ the mostess and married to that dude that wrote The Satanic Verses) screamed "Stop Stop! Take yr stuff and turn it into a soup!" Say what? They won't have time to make stocks. Wait, silly Phairhead. Swanson has so generously offered up their line of stocks to aid the cheftestants. And also a surprise, they didn't call anybody out for their badness. Winning elimination is my girl Leah with chilled asparagus soup w/ tuna tartar. Not something I would chow down on personally but congrats anyway. Also, Leah gets a bonus prize, choosing a team for the Elimination Challenge. Yeah Leah!

So for the Elimination Challenge, the cheftestants have to pack up and go to Rochester (Rock-chester!), NY and make Thanksgiving dinner for the Foo Fighters and their entourage. Plus, they have to follow the Foos rider to include their fave foods and quirks.

Heehee, so they get to the venue and they have to cook outside w/ one burner, microwaves, hot boxes and toaster ovens. Turkey in a toaster oven? HA! And oh yeah it started raining buckets too!

But as it turns out, both teams did a really great job. Except for the desserts. And the winners' are.... Leah's team. Woo hoo! Loser went before the Judges' Table and right away, weird beard Daniel/Danny starts shooting off at his Long Island mouth. He is such a mook! And seriously, why would any man shave stripes in his beard? But packing his knives and going is gay Richard for his spittle non-gooey banana S'mores. Awww. I call bullshit, pretty boy Jeff was the "leader" and he made a crap dessert and shitty side dish. Oh well.

Watch this space.....


Lydia said...

Scar is divorced from Mr. Satanic Verses. She found fame and didn't need him anymore.

can you imagine being sent home for making f'ed up s'mores? LAME!!! But then again, if you want to be TOP chef, why are you making sorry-ass s'mores to begin with?

phairhead said...

Padma got divorced? Maybe it's because all she does is get high. Swear to Bob, that woman is a serious toker.

Agreed, S'mores is a bad idea all around. Do you remember microwave S'mores in the 80's? was that a NY thing?

Lydia said...

I didn't have a microwave until the late 90s.

And I didn't have cable until I was 17. When I got cable, I sat on my bed for an entire weekend watching The Real World. life is weird.