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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Queen of Bad Ideas

I got ridiculously drunk last night. I was mean to SexyBeast. I'm full of self-hate. I hate my body, my mind, everything. Everything is wrong. 


Leslie said...

Cheer up, dude. Today is a new day. Make amends, and don't hate yourself. You're 50 kinds of awesome and therefore can't legitimately hate yourself.

Dijea said...

We've all done stupid stuff drunk. Me especially. I got drank last night too, but managed to go to sleep before I did something to regret.

Apologize and move on. Don't hate yourself - like Leslie said you are 50 kinds of awesome.

phairhead said...

i'm in a funk. and i'm stuck. and i'm rhyming : ) time to re-start therapy