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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Rockin' Weekend

My lovely friend Jess at invited myself and SexyBeast to come down this past weekend to Pennsylvania. After SexyBeast consulted his spread sheet, he determined we could go and get our Philly on.

It's a quick 3 and 45 minute sojourn to get to Horsham. Unfortunately some of the trip took us through New Jersey. Meh! And to get immediately acclimated to our surroundings we ate some Philly cheesesteaks. The miracles of Cheese Whiz! And we sat and chatted and drank some Krieg cherry lambic. And by some I mean an entire bottle.... by myself. I had to though. Poor Jess is pregnant and I had to drink for two.

SexyBeast and I had some company in the bed. Jess and her finance's 2 black kitties kept us company all night long. Whether we wanted them to or not. Heh heh.

The next day, the boys continued drinking and pontificating while us ladies went to have a pedicure. It 37 bucks for 50 minutes of pampering. Well worth it. I have "A Ruble for your Thoughts" on my tootsies and 3 days later the bottoms of my feet are still very soft.

The highlight of Saturday was going to Little Marrakesh, a very authentic Moroccan restaurant. (check them out at The decor was awesome, all jewel tones, comfy couches to sit at and candle light everywhere. Friday and Saturday nights Little Marrakesh offers their Sultan's Feast, a 6 course meal served family style. #1 Casablanca salad that included diced tomatoes, cucumbers and green peppers, hummus, eggplant (blechy) and cumin dusted carrots and steaming hot pita bread. #2 Atlas Bastia (you can see the photo in the previous post) phylo dough shell dusted w/ cinnamon and powered sugar filled with chicken, eggs and almonds. #3 Berber Tagine, a whole chicken served with green olives. You didn't even need a knife it was so moist and delicious. #4 Casbah couscous with onions, raisins and chick peas. I feel that couscous should be served with every meal. #5 Shish kabobs we had two beef and two veggie and all yummy-licious. #6 Moroccan baklava with hot mint tea. As many of you recall, I hate honey. For whatever reason, I found this dessert to be fantabulous. It was a great night, relaxing, lazy, decadent. Little Marrakesh also has entertainment, live belly dancers. 3 young ladies shook what their mamas gave them. There was one dancer in particular that was had a very big belly. But she looked amazing and when it came time for audience participation, I joined it. It was very freeing and I felt like a sex bomb.

Sunday we slept in and then gorged ourselves at the Cracker Barrel. We capped off our mini vacay w/ a trip to score some cheap liquor and quickie tour of the airplane museum.

Hopefully next month, I'll be regaling everyone with another mini vacation adventure.


Albany Jane said...

What a good friend - I would have helped drink for 2 as well :D

And man, those are some pretty tootsies!

phairhead said...


did you check out the Little Marrakesh website?