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Wednesday, May 13, 2009


And we are getting down to the wire w/ only episode of Top Model left before they announce this cycle's winner. As I have stated numerous times previously, I love love love Allison but I have a sneaking suspicion it'll go to Teyona, or as SexyBeast her "Alien". As he likens her to H.R. Geiger's creation of the Alien movie franchise.

And it's boogie time. Yes, yes y'all, we have approached that seasonal epi where the hamsters have to perform a native dance. And Celia kicked butt at the samba. What the fuck does dancing the samba have to do w/ modeling? For a reality game show, this sure isn't reality based.

And for the photo shoot, expert photographer Tyra(nt) Banks shot the hamsters as edgy fierce birds. Holy hairdos, Batman! Personally, I think she just wanted to be mean to them 'cause she shoved them in nests in the Brazilian jungle. Ouchie! Winning photo went to Allison for an awesome baby owl impression. She actually cried in relief, so cute. And getting the boot is Celia for being an old coot. She can always have a fall back career as a stylist.

Next week: we have a winner

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