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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Fo Sho'

Hello, blogging friends! It's time for the weekly Top Model recap.

It's that time of the year, where the hamsters have to go and see clients. AND be mindful the time limit. And wow, what a pile of suckage for Celia, who was literally a minute late, and Fo for being really really late. They got left behind while Allison (yeah!), Teyona and Aminat took a helicopter ride over the city to meet w/ their judge. And Teyona was the big weiner, having both a great walk (true) and a great photos (FALSE). And as the weiner, she got clothes from all the designers from the go and see.

And hot hottie judge Nigel Barker was this week's photographer for the photo shoot. The hamsters were posing on the beach in teeny tiny bikinis in a crowd. Lots o' pixelated butts! Winning photo went to Teyona. Say what? As my friend Lydia pointed out, Teyona looks like Bevis. And going home is Fo for being 5'8". Kinda short for a runway model. And they kept Celia, who's 25, too old to break into modeling. Which is really fucked up if you think about it. 25 is a baby. But now at least Fo can return home to get her GED.

Final four, bitches!


Albany Jane said...

I was watching an episode last night (I think it was an old one b/c it wasn't like this one you just wrote about) and I think it's cool/crazy how they *do* get into the modeling biz.

Like, one girl they were all "Your face is a little old looking" and another "Your body shape is very hard to work with". From a pro POV, I can see them as something you'd normally say, but still if you aren't in a professional mentality, man can they be taken the wrong way. Albany John was sitting next to me going "How does she have bad body?! She's tall and skinny as hell. She can't lose more weight!!"

phairhead said...

it's always great to get a boy's perspective, isn't : )