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Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Summer of Sue

As I've stated before I'm completely addicted to Pandora Radio. Kate Bush is telling me to "Don't Give Up". It took a day of serious contemplation to get my thinking back on track. 

Therefore I have made some very important decisions. I will be doing more "new" things this year. I want to stretch the limits of my capabilities. I went to a batting cage w/ my work wife last weekend. I am not athletically inclined. Point of fact, I'm dead clumsy. Out of 36 balls, I hit four. BUT, I was doing it. I felt like I really accomplished something. I want to learn how to sew, I want to take more dancing classes, I want to see more. I want to be a better person.

I'm going to start going back to my therapist. I cannot rely on my friends and boyfriend to keep bolstering me up. It's not fair and it makes me into a time burgler. I don't want to steal anyone's precious time. I have to learn to depend on my mistakes.

And most importantly, I am going to complete a story and submit it for publication. I'm sick of talking about writing. It's time for action.

As Leslie so accurately assertained, I got the title from Seinfeld. Don't know about frolf though.


Leslie said...

Yay for the Summer of Sue! I for one can attest to the powers of therapy. It has worked wonders in my life. And getting out there and trying new things, in addition to working on your writing, sounds like this will be an awesome summer full of learning experiences for you.

Dijea said...

Yea! I am trying something similar myself. I find myself very self-contemplative. Not sure if that's good or bad. Maybe I'll grow. Now that's a scary thought.

Find myself writing poetry instead of stories these days. HMMM wander what that means?

phairhead said...

thanks everyone! it's nice to know my peeps got my back : )

Lydia said...

Glad you're focusing on you and turning it around. I feel like I can't focus on me and what I want until later this the earliest. It's so easy to get out of touch with yourself and for crap to happen (like drinking too much and being mean to people you love). I applaud the summer of sue, though i think i might need to commence the summer of lydia. :)

phairhead said...

the time is ripe for the summer of Lydia