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Monday, May 11, 2009

Meme #168

Happy Monday Meme day! Comment and enjoy : )

1) What is the best thing you have ever won as a prize? I recently won the lush giveaway from Lydia at It hasn't arrived yet but I know it's going to be awesome.

2) What is one thing that repeatedly makes you angriest? Racism and intolerance.

3) What song always makes you laugh, no matter how often you hear it? Either "Pour some Sugar on me" or "I'm Too Sexy".

4) Show and Tell. What comes to mind first when you see this picture? Or, tell a story if it reminds you of one. "I need to get SCUBA certified."


Albany Jane said...

When I hear "Pour Some Sugar On Me" I always think of that commercial they used to play where people misheard lyrics, so it was "Pour some shook up Ramen"

Lydia said...

My dad thought Right Said Fred was hysterical...he still quotes that song and that is mildly disturbing. ugh.

your lush stuff will come soon enough--they take forever to ship, but its worth the wait!

phairhead said...

AJ: i forgot all about shook up Ramen. that makes me laugh even more!

Lydia, Gary singin I'm too sexy? that makes me vaguely itchy.
no worries on the lush stuff. i'm just excited that it's coming : )

Dijea said...

I won a re-usable bag from The Green Bag Lady.

2) yes & yes, oh and ignorance.

3) Werewolves of London.

phairhead said...

djea, i always like that bit about werewolves drinking margaritas "and his hair was perfect." good stuff