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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I am Cornholio!

Final epi of this cycle's Top Model. I have no idea how I fill my recap Wednesday slot : ( Please send me suggestions!

The final epis are all the same. Crappy Covergirl commericial hawking their crappy products. First elimination was Aminat for not being able to be pretty in photographs. Kinda important when yr a model.

Then the Runway Walk of Doom! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Allison and Teyona had to walk w/ ridiculous head pieces. No sweat. Then they had to incorporate salsa dancing into their second trip round. Oh, Allison did better than Teyona! And for the final look, it was "art instillation". Or as Sexybeast would say "Is that supposed to be avant garde? That's just weird." The hamsters were coated in slime and writhing around on the cat walk. Oops Teyona lost her weave! And the winner is Bevis Caught in a Wind Tunnel. Poor Allison! But really she has a better shot of a real modeling career than real winner.

Back w/ more Top Model in September, y'all!

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