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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Glad Game

I've been having an I hate myself kinda month so far. Which is weird 'cause the weather has been nicer and the days are getting longer.

I was watching one of my fave Family Guy epis in which Stewie tries to cheer up his future self by making a list of the all the things that make him glad. Here goes:

1) Remembering when I used to eat P- Chops chocolate chip muffins on Saturday morning while watching The Smurfs. A good period in my life, before cliques and body issues.

2) Diving into very cold water on the a hot day. Growing up we had a pool and more recently we have a log cabin on a lake, being near water is very important and healing for me.

3) Music, music, music. Music is my life blood. I constantly am plugged into the ipod or listening to CD's or the radio or Pandora. And nothing can cheer me up more than ska music. The Specials all the way!

Thanks to everyone for listening to me whine and complain! I appreciate the kind words.


Dijea said...

Water = peace for me.

phairhead said...

and we have the pictures to prove it : )

Albany Jane said...

Oooh, man. I remember I'd wake up extra early in the AM to be all alone eating toaster streudels with icing while watching Sailor Moon on tv before school.

Now? Hah, I don't care WHAT's on early, I am not getting up any sooner than I need to, lol.

phairhead said...

AlbanyJane: hee, toaster strudle. ooooohhhhh :P

Smirking Cat said...

Toaster Struedels were awesome! Back then, anyway...

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