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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Another Bites the Dust

Hey Top Chef, fans. Time for my weekly recap!

For the Quickfire Challenge, the cheftestants were greeted by my former crush, Tyler Florence. I used to think he was the be all, end all. I have no idea why, he's very frat boy-esque. Then he started featuring Tyler Florence meals at Crapplebee's. WHY? You shameless, whore!!! And can we talk about the monstrosity that Padma was wearing? A LIME GREEN JUMPSUIT!!!! She looked like one of Cher's back up singers circa 1978. Anyways, the Quickfire was an interesting concept, the cheftestants had to pull the lever on a slot machine (I GET IT ALREADY! They're in Vegas!) to randomly select a mood, a flavour and a type of cuisine. Fun! Sucking it big time were Robin and her hot curry mess that was neither "stressed, unami nor Middle Eastern" and Jen for being boring instead of "adventurous, cheesy and American". The big winner was Kevin and his grilled pork and Vietnamese salad that was "stressed, spicy and Asian" Instead of opting for immunity, Kevin chose to take 15 grand in cash instead. Very admirable. He's a great chef, he can stand by his food.

For the Quickfire Challenge, the cheftestants had to cook a family style dinner for an illustrious bunch o' chefs in pairs using an illustrious chef's bag o' mystery ingredients. And getting the big win was Jen for making an outstanding broth for Kobe beef. Jen seems really wooden and I suspect she's been dipping into the botox. Eh, I just can't warm up to her. And packing their knives was Ashley for taking the wrap for douche bag Eli over salting her gnocchi. Oh yeah and she also under cooked her spot prawns. FOUL! Ash should have been sent home for riding the coat tails of his partner.

The ladies are dropping like flies....


Cheeks said...

I'm just now watching this episode on a re-run... like right at this very moment! Padma's jumpsuit was crazy and knowing now that she's knocked up, I keep thinking that I catch her looking like she's cranky from morning sickness or something.

I love Tyler's voice and his kitchen is one of my favorites of all the Food Network shows.

And now I totally want some polenta. It doesn't take much. I loves me some polenta. :)

phairhead said...

padma's knocked up?! hopefully she can stay of the reefer for 9 months.

for me, i lusted after tyler's back. aww yeah!

i'm not a polenta girl. still love me?

Cheeks said...

Padma IS knocked up and she's refusing to name the father. Ho fo sho.

I can forgive you for not loving polenta. But seriously - even when it is fried or someone makes yummy, fantastical croutons out of polenta? Mmmmm, so good.