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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Bean Town

God, I love 3 day weekends!!! And as I have an all day training today, I have a 3 day work week. HUZZAH!

I had an ass ton of flex time to use this pay period, so Friday I went to the office for an hour. Then dropped by a wake of one of my favourite clients. It was a completely unexpected death. And now I have another client in the hospital. I honestly don't know how much longer I will be able to work for AIDS Services any longer.

Sexybeast and I had lunch at the new house for the 1st time ever while the cable guy came to set up our modem for the high speed interwebs.

And if I hadn't been on the weirdest, stupidest job interview of my life, we would have been able to get on the road earlier to get to my brother's house in Medford, MA. There were 3 accidents on The Pike, 2 hours worth of idiots rubber necking and LOTS of breaking. Seriously!!! What the fuck, Massholes? You never break on the interstate, that's how accidents happen. Needless to say, we did not arrive until a little after 10 pm after beginning our journey at 4:45. And it's only a 3 hour drive.

But going to IKEA more than made up for the shitty drive. IKEA. IKEA, I love you!!! We got a great wooden silverware organizer, a simple Swedish plastic napkin holder and the best, a thick, heavy wooden GIGANTIC cutting board w/ blood catcher AND and and if you flip the board, it has a hook to clip onto the counter top for non-slippage. Now, normally I would not entertain thoughts of eating at IKEA cafeteria. I have weird visions of expiring milk and bologna sandwiches. But boy, I was sadly mistaken. What a great eatery!! I had meatballs w/ penne and marinara sauce and steamed veggies. Sticking to the diet. Sexybeast had the roast chicken and gravy fries. It was a half a chicken!!! The seasoning was nice and the fries were crisp.

Because the boys (my bro bro and Sexybeast) hate shopping we compensated by going to Castle Island by Logan Airport. I had on my sexy black hooker boots which was a poor choice for walking long distances. I took off the boots and walked in my stocking feets. My niece and nephew ran around, played on the swings while the rest of us got knocked over by the wind. On the way back to the cars I realized, I locked my keys in my trunk. Along w/ my phone. Can't get much safer than that. Thank God for Geico Road Side Assistance. They used a blood pressure cuff to open the car door. Don't that beat all?

The net day we went to The Fells for hike. Sexybeast pretended to be a panther and scared the kids.

For lunch, we went to Yangste for the weekend buffet and DIM SUM. For whatever reason, the dim sum was heavy on the shrimps. Everything had shrimps in it; shrimp balls, shrimp and corn balls and shrimp and pork balls. I had sticky rice wrapped in some sort of leaf, sweet pork buns and diced marinated pork ribs. I also really hate buffets but this one is exceptional. The food is plentiful and very warm. If yr ever in Arlington Center, go to Yangste. It will not disappoint.

And of course, we had a obligatory stop at Trader Joe's. Chili dusted mangoes are my new fave snack.

Monday night, it was official. We spent our 1st night at the new house.

Pictures in another post.


Leslie said...

Trader Joes!!!!! One of my favorite places. Love their pita chips. Love love love. :)

I like your weekend. :)

phairhead said...

the pita chips!! best in the world.

Albany Jane said...

Oh my gosh! Shrimp everything! That sounds like heaven to me. Yum. Now I really need to check this place out!

And I am having cutting board envy!

phairhead said...

AJ: Ikea can be ordered on line. it was only 14.99. buy it buy it buy it

next wed is my bday i was thinking of going to Wolf's Biergarten. you and the husband interested in meeting up?

Lilimonster said...

Did you see the muffin tins at Ikea? They are so cute I want to go buy them all.

I'm seriously considering a visit at the end of the week!

phairhead said...

i did see the sweet ass muffin tins. wicked cute. i need some too cause i just got the hook up from my baker mama w/ supplies

Albany Jane said...

Dude, yah I wanna meet up! When is your big day?

Actually, for all of your stalkerazzi, wanna email me? Albanyjane @ yahoo . com (I know, I'm so terrible about emailing you)